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Super Slim Cigarettes – Silk Cut’s Sneaky Marketing Tactics

Tobacco firms are employing sneaky marketing ploys to target the teenage girl market. Silk Cut have come under scrutiny for applying a “Super Slim” message to their cigarettes. This faux branding doesn’t stop there. They will release their superslims in new packaging which resembles a perfume box. It’s pretty sick to be honest. Although with tobacco advertising restrictions it’s hardly surprising. It even makes sense to create an almost viral effect where the news is documented on The Independent. No such thing as bad publicity comes to mind.

It’s not the first time tobacco companies have tried to link smoking to weight loss. There’s always been a worry that giving up smoking leads to weight gain. These thought processes need to be broken. Although it’s true you’re more likely to a gain a few pounds from quitting… it’s much more important to think of the benefits:

  • You’ll have a reduced risk of cancer and heart disease
  • You won’t smell of ciggies
  • Your sense of smell and taste will be heightened
  • You’re more likely to attract love interest!
  • More money in the pocket

For those that still think smoking is cool should have a look at the lovely ingredients in Silk Cut’s cigarettes. Mmmm mmmm.

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1 Florian { 11.04.08 at 3:08 pm }

!!! STOP SMOKING with Champix/Chantix !!!

few days ago I decided to stop smoking with the help of Champix. It’s been about 20 years I smoke a pack a day (20) or more… I wanted to and fully agree with how much it cost to me to smoke and that it is so harmful to people around me this for smokers or none smokers. I tried a few times in the past and finally gave up trying as my in serroundings were smokers and i was always tempted to get “just a last one”, then I was starting over again… about three years ago I became a father and my son had RS and quite sensitive to cold and what ever was in the air… still smoker i decided to not smoke inside the house anymore and prefer to go freezing on the balcony rather than smoking in or stop simply, but even the door of the living room, same for his bedroom upstairs were closed and me outside, a simple air draft in with and tiny little amount of smoke going in and immediately my son was coughing again. So I scealled air tight the doors and still… the smoke was bothering him… (for the record, some particles are the thinnest and of the most harmful of all smokes and hardly can be filtered)

last week I asked my doctor if he had a magic pill to give me so I stop this crap with no effort at all… I asked him about this new brain pill “Champix” that is supposed to cut off the addiction on nicotine. At first I almost had the impression he didn’t want me to, which I did find weird as himself were hospitalized for lungs problems due to the use of cigaret. In fact this was to tell me there is no miracle recipe to stop smoking, that this is all in your head… indeed it is so I answered, it is so call addiction, and I need something to help as I could find enough strength to do it by myself even though the will was there for so long… I think I need a little help to achieve the act, to take the step, to do it, to stop doing it… I finally went out with the holly paper to head straight to the pharmacy.

It took me a little while to start as I still had a few packs available in the house. But the doctor said I should stop straight away starting the pill, and that it would feel almost natural not to smoke one … was this the magic effect I was looking for? Well I just kept on smoking during the first week of the two week long treatment. First pills I felt a little strange and noticed driving was a bit dangerous… then I was smoking normally like if I was taking nothing, after the three first days still no change in the effect, the fourth the dosage increases but still not much effect but on the fifth day cigarets start to make me feel a bit sick, and the urge to get one was becoming less intense compares to what it was before without the treatment but still fairly smokable. A week into the treatment, the pills change color… I guess the dosage goes up… the cigaret feels weirder and the need to light one vanishes drastically, but the vision of the brand new cigaret packs is still tempting. I rejected it and took the bicycle to go around the block and rush to bed to fall asleep not to take the cigaret I was already seeing myself smoking at the window. Day nine in the treatment, I wake up and just take a breakfast and only 2 hours later i have a first thought about a cigaret but really light. What a difference compares to before when first thing in the morning was having one. Still five days to go in the treatment. But around midday something really bothered me and made me upset. Old reflexes taking over I took a cigaret and started to pump on it like before… damn I felt nauseous, so nauseous that I had to go lie down two hours on my coach to sleep the feeling away, then went out to walk leaving the tempting cigaret packs behind for the whole day. It has now been eleven days I started this, it is now Monday, still 4 days to go before the end of the pills and I decided to go to work without cigarets, the smell in my car is terrible, so I drive windows open with my coat on, end of September is fresh so early but I feel OK and very much awake. I am stuck in the traffic where I normally smoke a lot, but no need this morning, go sign for the rest of the day to come. Now it is 13h00 of my first day with no smoking at all. So far so go, I went to a cigaret break with a colleague and didn’t feel tempted… well, it was easy to resist. I am frustrated, I wanted to share my enthusiasm with a none smoker, but not knowing how difficult stopping really is, the guy just went “so what?”…
Lousy none smokers’ attitude… you should be encouraging smokers to stop… not rejecting them, but making them proud to go your direction. I hope this one will get hocked on drugs someday so I can show as less interest in his effort if he tries to stop (of course I course I don’t wish he will ever do that… but just to say I felt he was having no empathy at all… WHEN HE SHOULD HAVE!!!). OK … I think I am still a bit touchy/jumpy to some level… let’s see what tomorrow will feel like. I came home tonight after work and this left over cigaret pack was looking at me saying “take me take me…” so i ignored it for a while and after dinner when I saw it again, I took one and light it up… I felt nothing, it tasted like nothing, I thought to myself, why the hell this thing followed me for twenty years? After three puffs I felt it was useless and through it away.

Last night I had trouble sleeping, the Doctor warned me about possible freaky dreams, indeed… I dreamt about something really weird… what an horrible feeling! It was so real! My girlfriend said I was crying… I woke up breathing very fast and almost couldn’t fall back to sleep. It is now day time, I felt no need to light one, nor before nor after breakfast and at work I didn’t feel any need to take a break but I went anyway to grab an orange juice… now, that sounds healthier! ;~)

A few weeks have passed, my colleagues smokers are not inviting me for breaks anymore, even if i do not give a damn about cigarets anymore… is it because i do not smoke anymore that people think I am not social anymore…? now I really do think it stinks very bad and that it is a pure lake of respect to others to smoke, i understand the point of the none smokers, it stinks when you smoke it and after … 10 minutes after a smoker passed in a corridor and it still stinks so bad. Smoking should be banned, totally! I am a bit extreme here … but it is true.

6 weeks I stopped totally, I had a difficult time when my body started to reject the crap from my lungs, and still does… but i feel already so much better, that i really do not regret my decision.

Smokers you should all try this, you might love the result, your kids will for sure and everyone else around you. OK, like me you may become a bit annoying about it, well this is all the bad I wish you then.

My conclusion is that Champix or Chantix really “works” I would say help, and my 50 Euros investment is already covered… but forget about patches, do you quite an addiction by feeding it by other means?… just do it … it is not so hard, really

2 nellie { 02.28.10 at 1:06 am }

has anyone ever stopped to consider that these cigarettes are in fact ‘slimmer’ than the standard uk cigarette and not referring to weight loss?, in much the same way that ‘king-size’ and ‘superkings’ do not imply that by smoking such a cigarette will make you the size of a king!!! i look at it this way, if the government is that bothered by cigarettes… get rid of them!!! ah but then ‘UK – PLC’ would stand to lose some £30 million in lost tax… then we’ve all got to foot that bill!!!, no-one should not dictate to me what i should and shouldn’t do, unless of course it’s against the law!!! COME ON PEOPLE… GET A GRIP!!!! find something useful to do instead of harrassing us!!!

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